Types of people at the gym

I’ve been going to the gym once a week since February. And so far, I’ve only missed one week, so I’m pretty proud of myself. But that’s not what today’s blog post is about. Although I go in the morning, there are usually already a lot of people there and sometimes, they can provide quite a lot of entertainment. Which I’m sure, I do a lot of the time as well. But my gym-fails are a topic for another time. So here are some things I observed in the past weeks.

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A very lovely weekend

Hey there, how are you? Have you spent the last four days in a chocolate food coma that you’ve only woken up from to eat some more chocolate? If that is the case, I congratulate you: you have done Easter right. Although my weekend didn’t quite look like that, I still had an absolutely lovely time (and don’t worry, there was still enough chocolate involved. Obviously). Continue reading

A little update

Guess who crawled out of a hole, once again! I have a very good excuse for not being a busy bee on my blog for the first three weeks of January: hello, eleven exams over the course of two weeks! It wasn’t fun. But I’m glad to say it’s over and went pretty well. For the last two weeks, however, I have absolutely no excuse. Pure laziness, I’m sorry. In the two weeks since my last exam I celebrated with my study-buddies (we played “Never have I ever” – it was rather interesting!), went to a gig in Zürich (Ron Pope; highly recommend checking him out if you’re into singer/songwriter stuff), met up with lots of my friends and of course, did sweet nothing for quite a while. I also fell ill, which usually brings doing nothing with it. I also went out two weekends in a row, which is really wild for me. I am, after all, an old lady on the inside. Continue reading

Bye bye 2015, and a resolution

I know it sounds absolutely lame and everyone always says the exact same thing, but can you believe how quick another year has passed? It has always been weird for me how time seems to go by faster and faster every year until someone recently told me something, that explains it all and makes perfect sense: relative to the time we have already lived, a year will always become shorter and shorter. So for example if you are two years old, one year is half of your life. If you are twenty, one year is only five percent of your life. Makes sense? It kind of does to me, but at the same time, it’s pretty scary because it means that the years will pass by even quicker. But enough of that now, before I get my brain into a knot.

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Merry Christmas Eve – Blogmas Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve to all you lovely people out there!
I hope you are already celebrating, spend time with people and eat lots and lots of good food – I know that’s what I did today!

This evening is not a time to read blog posts that are the length of a short novel so I’m going to leave you with a picture of our Christmas tree. It doesn’t get more festive than that, right?



Favourite Christmas memory – Blogmas Day 22

Woah guys, we’ve almost made it to Christmas! How are you all doing?

Yesterday was another blogmas-fail (I’m so sorry!) so I’m going to publish yesterday’s post today and we can all forget about the fact that I have missed four days of blogmas so far. But hey, these things happen.


Here in Switzerland, we celebrate on Christmas eve. The candles on the Christmas tree are burning, we eat delicious food and that’s also when we get our presents. When I was little, me and my siblings used to – like a lot of children – get toys for Christmas. I also got given quite a lot of books if I remember correctly. We usually wouldn’t start playing with our new toys straight away as there was still the Christmas dinner to be eaten and by the time the last piece of dessert was eaten, we were so tired that we just went to bed. Because of that, the morning after (so on the actual Christmas day) was always very special. We would wake up early, go down to the living room and give all our presents a proper second inspection. I remeber the feeling in the room, the smell from blown out candles and the tree still lingering in the air, wrapping paper all over the floor and a very peaceful, calm athmosphere.
This might not be a grand memory of something spectacular that happend but it’s one thing that I remember best and even today, on Christmas morning, when there’s that exact smell in the air, I get taken straight back to little Anna, looking through her books and playing with her toys.