Blogger gift exchange – Blogmas Day 23

One benefit that comes with having a blogging-buddy who’s also your buddy in real life is the fact that when it comes to Christmas, you get to exchange presents and then blog about it because on the internet, that’s a totally legit thing.

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DIY Christmas gifts – Blogmas Day 9

Confession: I’m not in the blogmas-spirit today. Not at all, actually. But giving up is not an option, I’d be too angry at myself if I did. So here we are, but today is a little bit of a cheat-post: I didn’t actually do much myself, I’m just taking other people’s ideas and presenting them to you. But hey, that’s ok. Sometimes, you just have to let other people do some work for you.

As you can tell from the title, today is all about DIY Christmas presents. I limited myself to food-presents but there’s plenty of other things out there. Continue reading