Types of people at the gym

I’ve been going to the gym once a week since February. And so far, I’ve only missed one week, so I’m pretty proud of myself. But that’s not what today’s blog post is about. Although I go in the morning, there are usually already a lot of people there and sometimes, they can provide quite a lot of entertainment. Which I’m sure, I do a lot of the time as well. But my gym-fails are a topic for another time. So here are some things I observed in the past weeks.

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Love your walks

Something that actually not that many people know about me is that I LOVE going on walks. When I’m home in the evenings, I usually go out for a walk, no matter if it’s freezing cold, dark or even raining. It’s something I started about 3 years ago and I still enjoy it. However, I don’t have much time these days but there used to be times when I went for a walk every single evening.

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I find it incredibly relaxing, just walking with no real direction, listening to music, thinking and not thinking at the same time. It’s when I day-dream, make elaborate life plans (which I forget as soon as I enter the house after), come up with perfect come backs to conversations I’d had and now that I’m writing a blog, it’s when I think about things I could write about. It’s basically all the things people claim to do in the shower, only that it’s better for the environment and you are getting fresh air and a little bit of exercise at the same time.

When I’m having one of these days where I spent the whole day just lazing around, rolling from my bed to the kitchen to the sofa and back, I always try to make sure I leave the house at least for a 30 minute walk. Also when I’m feeling stressed out about something, I like to go out to clear my head. You can see, I’m a fan!

I think I can probably add that one to the list of reasons why I’m an old lady inside.


Running is weird

I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a “runner”, however I do sometimes but on my trainers and go outside for a run. There used to be a time when I went almost every day but then Winter came, it was always dark and cold and icy and just not very motivating to go out anyway, not to mention doing actual excercise. But now it seems like I’m slowly getting back into it. I’m basically back where I first started and I get out of breath after five minutes but that’s just what happens when you’re being lazy.

But if you think about it, going for a run for fitness is a little bit strange. There’s no real purpose to it, like getting from A to B or trying to escape something. The main reason we do it is do get rid of that extra energy we got from eating a whole chocolate bunny. Imagine if you told someone in 1915 that you were going on a run for fun or because you wanted to get fit. They would have thought you were absolutey mental. My mum actually once told me that she remebered the exact moment she saw her first jogger, it was that unusual.
Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking while I went for a run today. How ironic.