10 things to do before Christmas – Student edition

December. It’s the month to look forward to Christmas, enjoy time with your family and friends, wind down and be as cosy as you possibly can. Unless you are a student. In that case, December is filled with deadlines and exams. Oh, the fun we have. Because we all love a good list (I for sure do), I thought I would take one of these “10 things to do before Christmas” and give it a little twist… Student-edition, if you want. Enjoy!

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  1. Have an advent calendar to count down.
    Or, if you have a chocolate advent calendar, eat it all on day three when you are having a mental breakdown at 2am, thinking about all the things that needs to be done before Christmas.

  1. Go Christmas shopping.
    Ha. Haha. With what money? You are a student, remember? (On that note, I know that presents don’t have to be expensive. It’s all for the fun, ok?)

  1. Visit a Christmas market.
    Go straight to the stall with the mulled wine. Try and drown your sorrow in this sweet, way too hot drink. Try (and fail) to not burn your tongue.

  1. Build a snowman.
    Yeah, like white Christmas is still a thing (at least not where I live) Thanks global warming! But because this is supposed to be about student-life: do you think I have time to build a snowman??

  1. Bake Cookies.
    Or buy dough and eat it straight from the packaging. That counts as dinner, right?

  1. Snuggle on the couch.
    With your laptop, three books, and a massive pile of unorganised papers. And at least a hundred post-it notes. It’s going to be romantic, I swear.

  1. Go ice skating.
    Fall over and lay there on the cold ground, questioning the meaning of life.

  1. Make Christmas Morning Brunch.
    Now that idea I like. Food is always a good idea. Your brain needs fuel!

  1. Buy a new Christmas sweater.
    Wear it as much as possible. You will at least look festive and the bright colours might distract from the fifty shades of dark circles under your eyes.

  1. Celebrate Christmas with you family.
    I’m sure they would be happy to quickly proof-read your 20-page long paper that you need to hand in after Christmas. They can do it before opening their presents. Let them feel your pain by complaining as much as you can.

As you can hopefully tell, this isn’t supposed to be serious. I know that December is a stressful month for a lot of people, not only students. But a little laughter might make it slightly better.



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A little update

Guess who crawled out of a hole, once again! I have a very good excuse for not being a busy bee on my blog for the first three weeks of January: hello, eleven exams over the course of two weeks! It wasn’t fun. But I’m glad to say it’s over and went pretty well. For the last two weeks, however, I have absolutely no excuse. Pure laziness, I’m sorry. In the two weeks since my last exam I celebrated with my study-buddies (we played “Never have I ever” – it was rather interesting!), went to a gig in Zürich (Ron Pope; highly recommend checking him out if you’re into singer/songwriter stuff), met up with lots of my friends and of course, did sweet nothing for quite a while. I also fell ill, which usually brings doing nothing with it. I also went out two weekends in a row, which is really wild for me. I am, after all, an old lady on the inside. Continue reading

Bye bye 2015, and a resolution

I know it sounds absolutely lame and everyone always says the exact same thing, but can you believe how quick another year has passed? It has always been weird for me how time seems to go by faster and faster every year until someone recently told me something, that explains it all and makes perfect sense: relative to the time we have already lived, a year will always become shorter and shorter. So for example if you are two years old, one year is half of your life. If you are twenty, one year is only five percent of your life. Makes sense? It kind of does to me, but at the same time, it’s pretty scary because it means that the years will pass by even quicker. But enough of that now, before I get my brain into a knot.

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With a little help from my friends – Blogmas Day 13

For today’s Blogmas post, I had to do a slight change of plans. I was meant to write about the Christmas market in Basel I wanted to visit yesterday, but in the end, my friend and I decided not to go and so we just met up for hot chocolates instead. It was lovely, but not exactly blogging-material.

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Happy 1st of December – Blogmas Day 1

As I’ve announced in a previous post, I am doing Blogmas this year. I say this year but it’s actually the first opportunity for me to participate since my blog will only turn 1 this December. So when my dear friend Noemi from Down the Rocky Road asked if I wanted to do Blogmas with her, I obviously said yes. You should definitely go over there for less grammar mistakes and more frequent posts. Also, for the sweet person Noemi is. There will be some days where we will collaborate on the contents of our blogs and others where we will be doing completely different things. So go down the rocky road, give Noemi some love and see what we’ve got up our sleeves.

Hot Chocolate and Candy Cany

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To autumn

There is a good chance that right now, two thoughts are going through your mind. 1. Oh dear, it’s another one of these odes to autumn and 2. It’s been autumn for a while now, why are you writing this now when it’s almost winter?

The answers to these thoughts are: Yes, it is and I don’t really care. Plus, my last name translates to autumn and I think that gives me the right to write about autumn whenever the heck I want. My birthday is also in autumn and it’s my favourite season. I think you can see where I’m going with this. I’m an autumn girl. Also, the weather has been so warm lately that any thoughts of winter just seem completely out-of-place. And how many times can I write “autumn” in one blog post? (It’s eight times so far, in case you were wondering)

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