A very lovely weekend

Hey there, how are you? Have you spent the last four days in a chocolate food coma that you’ve only woken up from to eat some more chocolate? If that is the case, I congratulate you: you have done Easter right. Although my weekend didn’t quite look like that, I still had an absolutely lovely time (and don’t worry, there was still enough chocolate involved. Obviously). Continue reading


Happy Easter

So, how has your Easter been? We had a massive brunch at home with parts of my extended family and just spent the whole morning eating and catching up.

 photo IMG_0637_zpsjnzkft9f.jpg

 photo IMG_0636_zpsup1kx6a4.jpg

 photo IMG_0635_zpsf09uhqwc.jpg

 photo IMG_0634_zpsf1teva6c.jpg

Having such a long weekend feels really nice, especially with the busy schedule I usually have during normal weeks. When I was still in school or even during my gap year I didn’t really appreciate these long weekends as I had so many weeks of holidays that it didn’t matter that much whether I had two days more off school or not. But now that the next time I will be off work for more than a weekend will be at the end of July, I’m trying to enjoy these days as much as possible.

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What have you been up to during the little Easter break?