Blogger gift exchange – Blogmas Day 23

One benefit that comes with having a blogging-buddy who’s also your buddy in real life is the fact that when it comes to Christmas, you get to exchange presents and then blog about it because on the internet, that’s a totally legit thing.

Foto 1

First, let me introduce you once again to my lovely blogging-buddy, Noemi from Down the Rocky Road. We went to school together for a year and it was only when two of our friends left to do an exchange year that we became good friends. Since then, we’ve spent countless afternoons talking, baking, eating what we’ve baked, and watching silly videos.

So without any further rambling from my part, here are the things that I got from Santa-Noemi (with which she once again proved to be the sweetest person and you just have to go over to her blog and give her some love. And also to check out what she got from me, obviously):

As you can see from the picture above, the present was wrapped beautifully and of course you can see the fluffy shoes (not sure what else to call them…) straight away. I’m wearing them right now and have a very happy (and warm) pair of feet. These are absolutely perfect as we have very cold floors in the flat where I live.
In the card Noemi wrote for me she explains that this is basically a kit for a cosy afternoon. So there’s tea and lots of chocolates. And because a cosy afternoon wouldn’t be the same without a book, she put The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling in there, too. Noemi said that the book was searching for a loving home and I can tell you here and now that it has found one and I can’t wait to start reading.

And because you can’t just live off chocolates (I wish), Noemi also put in a single serving of Christmas muesli which includes all the Christmas spices and smells amazing. I’m excited to try it but I’m also pretty sure that I will then want to eat it all year round. Maybe I should just buy loads while they still have it in the shop…

Anyway, I’m beyond happy and thankful for all the lovely things I got from Noemi. You can also tell from the things she’s chosen that she knows me very well (it even included a little inside joke 😉 )



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