Favourite Christmas Story – Blogmas Day 11

There are many different kinds of Christmas stories out there. There are the classic ones, the modern ones and everything in between. For today’s post, Noemi and I have decided to share our f

avourite Christmas story. I personally don’t know that many Christmas stories and if I do, they didn’t leave much of an impression so that I would still remember them. Picking my favourite, however, wasn’t difficult at all. It’s called Findus at Christmas.

I’m not sure how popular the Pettson & Findus books are in the English-speaking parts of the world or wherever you are from, but I grew up with them and they are still one of my favourite things from childhood. I mean, we named our first cat Findus, that has to mean something! Pettson is an old man, living somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Sweden (that’s not the same country as Switzerland, by the way). One day, a neighbour brings him a tiny little kitten to keep him company. After a while, the kitten, who’s name is Findus (yes, like the frozen food), starts talking and the two basically become best of friends and live through all kinds of adventures. And one of these adventures is Christmas, where Pettson breaks a foot right before Christmas eve. It is such a sweet and funny story about making the best with what you have, helping each other out and being creative. One thing that I like best about all the Pettson & Findus books are the absolutely gorgeous drawings and illustrations. The love and detail you can find in them is amazing and you could spend ages just looking at one picture, trying to find all the little details.

So that’s my favourite Christmas story. It might not be particularly well know, but it was definitely the first one to come to my mind.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.





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